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Each Beauty Dashboard is 24” L, 6” W & 3”tall.  Made of 100% acrylic for strength & durability.  Handles for ease of use. Each saying is laser engraved for longevity. The Beauty Dashboard is proudly made in the USA.

You have options! Choose from 3 laser engraved messages. Fast $8 shipping per item

Beauty Dashboard "Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Sparkle"


“Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Sparkle” edition! The phrase is laser engraved ensuring high quality

Beauty Dashboard "Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You"


“Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You” edition! The phrase is laser engraved ensuring high quality


Beauty Dashboard "Begin Each Day With a Grateful Heart"


“Begin Each Day With A Grateful Heart” Edition! The phrase is laser engraved ensuring high quality

Beauty Dashboard
"Simple Edition"

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SALE Price! $29.99

Introducing the official Beauty Dashboard Simple Edition (no phrase).

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Five Star Reviews From Our Customers

Five Star Reviews From
Our Customers


Where has this been all my life!

Jenna December 28, 2022

  • “As a mom every minute matters. My Beauty Dashboard has saved me time every morning! Thank you!”

Great For Dorms!

Lauren L - November 12, 2022

“Amazing product! I got it for my daughter for her dorm room. It makes it much easier for her to carry her items everyday and keeps her organized”


Game Changer!

Kristen J - July 28, 2022

“Anyone with a shared bathroom needs this. I love my Beauty Dashboard!”


Daughters Love It!

Somja - March 28, 2023

“I bought these for my daughters & they love it! It keeps their items separate & I finally have a clear bathroom counter!”

You Asked - We Answered. Check Out
Our Frequently Asked Questions

Can The Beauty Dashboard Used For All Sinks?

Yes! The Beauty Dashboard is long enough to fit across any bathroom sink including pedestal sinks.

Where is the Beauty Dashboard made?

We are proud to say that all  Beauty Dashboard products are made here in the USA! We are headquartered in Minnesota.

Where Can The Beauty Dashboard Be Used?

The Beauty Dashboard is perfect for any bathroom, but is especially useful for bathrooms with pedestal sinks, college dorm rooms, campers, or a cabin where you may share a bathroom with multiple family members or lack counter space.

What is your return/refund policy?

“The Beauty Dashboard stands by it’s product. It is 100% refundable if defective. For more information please click here.

What Is The Beauty Dashboard Made Of?

The Beauty Dashboard is 100% acrylic material for strength and durability.

What are the dimensions?

The Beauty Dashboard is 24” long, 6” wide & 3 “ tall.

How do I wash my Beauty Dashboard?

The Beauty Dashboard is hand washable with a gentle soap. To avoid scratching, please avoid abrasive scrubs. Pat or air dry.