Let's get organized!

Contain your morning routine in a Beauty Dashboard & simply store away when done.

The only make up organizer made long enough to set on the sink

The Beauty Dashboard is your solution!


you are one product away from a better morning!

Looking For A Better Way To Organize Your Morning Routine?

The Beauty Dashboard is a game changer for your morning routine. It is a simple product created to span across your sink giving you a much needed workspace. It holds all your beauty products in one place at your fingertips so they are easy to find. It lifts up & out of the way when someone else needs to use the sink. When you are finished getting ready for the day, it easily stores away out of sight so your bathroom remains organized & uncluttered.
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Product Quality

Made of 100% acrylic for strength & durability. Handles for ease of use. Laser engraved sayings for longevity. Proudly made in the USA!

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Ships in 3-5 business days. Free shipping and returns when you order two or more Beauty Dashboards



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    I searched all over the internet & could not find anything that would work. So, I created it & had a local shop make it for me. That little investment gave me back time & frustration every morning. It takes me one step, not five to take my products out of the closet. I can easily move it so we can share the space. All my favorite products are at my fingertips. Everything is contained.

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