Choose Your Phrase!

The Beauty Dashboard - "Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Sparkle" Edition


Introducing the official Beauty Dashboard catchy phrase edition! Choose from one of our three inspirational phrases! The Beauty Dashboard easily holds all your beauty products & spans across the sink so everything is at your fingertips while you are getting ready.

– SPACE SAVER: Creates space for your products so they are easily accessible while getting ready & super easy to put away when you are done.

– SAVES TIME, MONEY & FRUSTRATION: Saves all the steps of putting items out and away, saves money (no more spilling your $200 Vitamin C serum down the drain!) & frustration (when your loved one spits toothpaste on your blush brush!). Everything is contained.

– LASER ENGRAVED: Each Beauty Dashboard phrase is laser engraved.

Choose Your Phrase!

– Official Beauty Dashboard Catchy Phrase Edition

Ships in 3-5 business days. Free shipping and returns when you order two Beauty Dashboard’s